Comic Art
Traditional and digital illustrations.
Warriors: Legends of Troy
Conceptual development for AAA console game.
Smurfs' Village
2D art assets illustrated and animated in the original comic style for internationally successful mobile game.
Cover Illustrations
Novel, comic book, and CD covers
Illustrated cutscenes and character animations for mobile video game (iOS and Android)
DC Remix
In-house conceptual redesigns of DC Comics' characters
Marvel Remix
Igneous Art conceptual redesigns of Marvel Comics characters
Character design and 3D setup for animation
Creature Forge
Creature concept art for in-house project.
Character design, modelling and final render for animated video project.
Saturday Night
Character concepts for the internal project showcasing a diverse range of fashion styles and personalities, all illustrated in a cartoony cell-shaded style.
Blimpy's Run
Lead character development for Footloose Games' "Blimpy's Run" video game project (PC).
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